***Lessons are free educational resources.***

Grades 9-12

Standards   i

Moonshot Learning case studies

Grades 9-12

Standards   i

Grades 9-12

Standards   i

Grades 9-12

Standards   i


Lessons are 100% free for teachers and students.

We love to hear ideas from students and teachers! If you have an idea for a lesson, we will do everything we can to turn it into reality! 

Lesson Proposal

Be sure to include:

1. The title of your lesson,

2. Content pieces: links to articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, simulations, etc.

3. The technologies involved (artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, CRISPR, etc.),

4. The subjects that it could be used for (Biology, Economics, Law, Physics, etc.),

5. Why you proposed the lesson and intended outcomes for students.

By proposing a lesson, you offer Moonshot Learning the rights to utilize your idea and content included in your submission to create a lesson owned by Moonshot Learning.

Moonshot Learning

Moonshot Learning credentials students in learning about emerging technologies and future relevant skills so students can advance in college and career.

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