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STEP 4: 

ANSWER the Short Response Questions 


Download the following document to answer the questions (submission instructions will be given by your teacher):

Document: AI and Society: Conversation with President Obama --- Assessment Questions

Complete the assignment before class and follow your teacher's submission instructions. 

All of the questions are listed below for reference. Download the document when you are ready to answer the questions.

  1. Cite two quotes from the video conversation with President Obama and explain the significance of each quote in two to three sentences.

      Quote 1:



      Explanation 1:




      Quote 2:



      Explanation 2:


2. Identify three central ideas that President Obama presented in the video. Write a short 

      Central Idea 1:



      Support of Central Idea 1:




      Central Idea  2:



      Support of Central Idea 2:




      Central Idea 3:


      Support of Central Idea 3:

paragraph for each central idea explaining what it is and defend your claim that the ideas you present are truly central to the conversation by citing evidence (quotes, examples, etc. from the article and video).

3. Draw on your answers from question 2 to summarize a recommendation that you would give

President Obama, President Trump and government leaders to ensure a successful integration of artificial intelligence in American society.


Short Response Questions







A.I. & Society: Conversation with President Obama.

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