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STEP 4: 

ANSWER the Short Response Questions 


Download the following document to answer the questions and create your ideal athlete (submission instructions will be given by your teacher):

Document: Gene Doping and the Future of Sports --- Assessment Questions and Creation Activity

Complete the assignment before class and follow your teacher's submission instructions. 

All of the questions are listed below for reference. Download the document when you are ready to answer the questions.

1. What is gene doping?

2. What is the difference between gene doping and gene therapy?

3. If the arrival of                   technology enables us to easily manipulate                   , we could give athletes supra-physiological amounts of key gene products, effectively creating superhuman athletes.

4. Given the context provided in question 3 and information from The Science Explorer article, how would you define supra-physiological?

5. What are two risks associated with gene doping?

6. Do you think athletes will accept the risks and proceed with gene doping? Why or why not?

7. Do you think gene doping will be good or bad for sports?









Short Response Questions

Gene Doping and the Future of Sports.

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